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Im not sure who to address this to, but I just wanted to put into writing how fabulous your service is! I just had yet another service call today and as usual Scott took care of my problems in record time. I have been using your service for a few years now and have always had a successful resolution of whatever my problem of the moment has been. Often it has been my own ineptitude but at no time has Scott ever made me feel like the dummy I undoubtedly have been. He always explains what he is doing as he is doing it to me and he does this because he knows that I really do want to try and understand what is going on .I have recommended him to several other people and some do not want to understand, just have it fixed and Scott treats us all with equal respect.


I have learned so much from his aside from him being able to repair my system. I have so much confidence in him that I have bought 2 computers from him, one he built exactly to the

specifications of what HE (certainly NOT me) knew I required. I have come to rely not only on his knowledge but also on his ethics and judgment. He has never tried to sell me something that I did not need or ‚”the most” expensive item of what I do need. He has dissuaded me from

getting some things that I was on the brink of getting, explaining to me why they were either not what they were purported to be or why they were not necessary for my purposes. I now trust him completely.


Prior to finding your service I had a couple of very unpleasant dealings with other computer help businesses. I was set up to have negative feelings when I tried your company and I was very wary initially. Scott totally disarmed me in pretty quick time and I learned at long last to relax and trust

a computer guru.


I personally know several business and professional offices that use your company exclusively and rely totally on you to keep them up and running and sufficient. Unlike the complaints I hear about other such services, your service always gets the highest accolades. And unlike other services, if we don’t get thru on our first calls, we get a call back in a most timely fashion. I have never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time to get a house call. Now how great is that!


Again, thank you, thank you, and thank you and keep up the good work. A LOT of us depend on you!

Tim Barkley, Manager

To Whom It May Concern;


I think extremely highly of 500FIX, and Scott Sedita, therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. He has been working with our office with the computers for several years now and I have learned a lot from him. He is able to help from outside the office if immediate attention is needed. I have never had a problem that we were shut down for a long period of time which needless to say he is very competent and consistent with his work If more feedback is needed please do not hesitate to speak with me in regards to Mr. Sedita.


Thank you.




Ivette Carvajal

Office Manager

Lisa Whistler, Consultant


Our entire computer infrastructure was designed and implemented by Scott and 500Fix. We are definitely "Ahead of the curve" when it comes to communication, backup and reliability. We have great Piece-Of-Mind, knowing we are in the best possible hands available.


Debora Obrien

Transport Products Inc.

Mr. John Anderson, Designer