Computer Repair Services | 500FIX

Computer Repair Services

If your computer problems are slowing down your business, We can get you back up to speed. We offer repair solutions for a wide range of problems, Hardware or Software. We always give an honest evaluation to help you find the best way to get back on track.

Virus / Spy-Ware removal
Pop-ups, Spy-Ware and Viruses can slow down your systems and possibly expose your sensitive information to hackers and thieves. We offer solutions to protect you. Using leading state-of-the-art software and many years of experience to remove malware we can clean and protect your systems. Plus we can offer safeguards to keep them from coming back keeping your business or home computers running

System Optimization
Computer Help & Web Design, LLC. specializes in all areas of computer and computer network maintenance. We can keep your computers and networks optimized for maximum performance, saving you time and money. With System Optimization, there is no need for expensive hardware upgrades. when the performance on your computers counts, have your system optimized by our experienced techs.
Home Services
We offer the same expert services in your home that our business clients enjoy. We can fix problems with your home computers and recover lost data. Setup new systems and networks that will provide the fastest route to the internet and lets your whole family share files, printers and other equipment.
If you are looking for something new, we can help you find it. Don't bring your computer to the shop, have the shop come to you. We get the system up and running quickly.
Remote Solutions
We are on the cutting edge of remote technology. With a broadband connection, your pc troubles are just a click away. Very secure remote control using Citrex Technology, we can fix your problems remotely While You Watch!