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Small Business

Home and Business

When your business or home requires multiple computers, Shared internet and printing, you have a
network. A good network means a fast and secure network. Outdated network's and hardware may hold
back your business' potential. We specialize in networking that will help your home or growing
business. We can evaluate your current network and offer solutions to determine just what you need,
to surf, print and share files more efficiently. From basic maintenance to full-scale network
upgrades, We can help plan, develop, purchase and provide solutions for every step in the process.

Wireless Hotspots
We are experienced in setting up WiFi Hotspots, Similar to those in internet cafe's. With GuestGate
technology we can offer your business a clean hotspot internet access for your clients. Secure, and
Safe, your existing is protected and the clients get an internet connected "Branded" with your
company's name. Perfect for Building and Hotel Lobbies, Waiting rooms, Libraries, Conference Rooms or
wherever you wish to provide secure internet access.