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Network Wiring

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When your business or office requires multiple computers, Shared internet and printing, you have a network.
A good network means a fast and secure network. Outdated network's and hardware may hold back your business' potential. We specialize in networking that will help your growing and evolving business. We can evaluate your current network and offer solutions to determine just what you need, to work, print and share files more efficiently. From basic maintenance to full-scale network upgrades, We can help plan, develop, purchase and provide solutions for every step in the process. We are qualified to consult and advise you in choosing the right equipment, to help make recommendations to revitalize your existing system. Provide tools for updating hardware and software to achieve optimal performance in all business environments and applications. And we also provide Back Up Solutions to protect critical data as well as Full Data Recovery For the last ten years 500FIX has provided support and service to an increasingly diverse clientel, however we have done extensive work in the medical community. From small practice to surgical centers, we have always paid close attention to the secure and ethical standards required from that community. With todays demants for both powerful and secure systems, they have become dificult to self manage, therefore a need to have qualified professionals on call. You run your business, let us manage your technology. Service contracts are taylored to your monthly service needs. We also provide free remote support to our service contract clients. Your on-Call, In-House Service, Design & Network Specialist.

Maintaining a professional business network is a serious task.

The most important thing is to protect your security, your personal and customer data and to eliminate slowdown and downtime. Time is valuable, and thats never more apparent then when your technology systems are down.

Set-Up and implementation are the paving stones to a good system, but maintenance and performance monitoring, as well as security protection and backup, are essential. Insuring your investments are protect ted and well cared for.

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