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Windows Servers

500FIX has been instrumental in designing and building solutions for medical practices and small businesses for almost twenty years. We have experience and relationships with most EHR / EMR vendors and we know what hardware is required, servers, desktops and networking equipment, to get the job done right the first time. While 'best practices' dictate that hardware
is replaced every three years in the business world, at 500FIX, we have the ability to select the appropriate
hardware up front to get you at least five years, and we have the clients and references to prove it.

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We take into account your budget and find you the most affordable hardware possible based on the variables in your business, such as number of users, specialty software, number of offices, without breaking the bank and / or without purchasing insufficient hardware. The worst thing you can do is spend your hard earned money on hardware that does not run your software to your satisfaction the first time. Nobody likes spending good money after bad. At 500FIX, we ensure you get the right hardware up front and ensure that your user experience and proficiency is the best possible while remaining within your budget.

500FIX, We have the experience required to not only select the appropriate hardware, but to ensure it is configured and managed properly going forward. With dozens of small business clients under our management and many of them configured from the ground up, we have skills and experience necessary to ensure your network and hardware are correctly selected and configured to achieve maximum proficiency and results within your practice.

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